Janki Ashram,Chikatiya the initiative was taken by Kum. Varshaben Govindlal Sheth and has been functioning since 2011 in village Chikatiya in Dang district situated in tribal area. In order to facilitate ease of education and livelihood to a girl child we run a girls hostel here. The poor tribals who are going outside to work on agricultural field or on construction sites also take their children with them as no facilities of staying and continuing study in their home place is available. Because of this, the children are not able to pursue their study. This is the major problem that persist in this area.

To overcome this problem, we have started the hostel in Chikatiya village which is helpful not only in Chikatiya but also in surrounding tribal area. As Chikatiya has primary school up to standard VIII , about 60 tribal girls studying in Std.III to Std. VIII are living in Janki Girls Hostel and continuing their study.

We have been given one old house in Chikatiya which was renovated and the girls hostel was started in 2011. Now with the generous help of the donors, we are able to construct the new building “ Janki Bhavan” for the hostel. The construction work of new building for dining hall and kitchen is going on for last two years.

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